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Θέρμανση-Ψύξη-Ζεστό Νερό


Πως εξοικονομεί ενέργεια

With the old methods of heating or and cooling a space the efficiency of the thermal energy produced is always less than the energy consumed.

The heat pump consumes 1/4 of the thermal energy it delivers.

Η ΑΝΤΛΙΑ ΘΕΡΜΟΤΗΤΑΣ αντλεί μέχρι και το 75% της ενέργειας που αποδίδει από την ατμόσφαιρα. Ο συμπιεστής της ΑΝΤΛΙΑΣ ΘΕΡΜΟΤΗΤΑΣ μπορεί να καταναλώσει μεχρι ΜΟΝΟ 25 % in electricity thus offering heating or space cooling 100%.

The cheapest &

more ecological way of heating

Today the heat pump is considered and is the most economical and the most ecological way of heating or cooling indoor spaces due to:

  • Exemption from fuel search

  • Stability in the price of electricity 

  • Low consumption

  • Cleaning

  • Zero pollution

  • zero_maintenance_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

  • Low purchase cost

  • Low placement_cost 


Air-to-water heat pumps draw the largest percentage of the delivered energy from the atmospheric air. For this reason in areas where the temperature does notit falls very, the pump has biggerperformance relative to consumption. Correspondingly, on a day with a higher temperature, the consumption is lower than on a day with a lower outside temperature, the consumption is clearly higher. 

The bigour range  from heat pumps can cover even the most extreme needs.

It is possible to heat the water up to 60 degreesCelsius all the Monobloc models  

their performance between 6kw and 25kw with a consumption of 1.5kw to 6kw respectively. 

The need for electricity is not great. Giventhat  the heat pump consumes the least energy compared to the output.

Usually the performance pumps up to 12kw (consumption 3kw) are single-phase and connected to 220 Volt while from here and above, 15kw, 21kw etc., are three-phase and connected to  380Volt.  


The electrical connection should preferably be made directly on the electrical panel and checked immediately.

The heat pump heats or cools water. This water can be

Water for Heating, water for Cooling or water for Use.

Usually most pumps produce water for heating or cooling at the same time or and completely separately they can also heat the boiler water. 

The connection to the space is made on the collector of the heating system or on a container aactivity for bettermanagement of produced hot or cold water.

Limits operation

Each pump has its own operating temperature limits. 

Heat pumps that offer heating work up to -15 degreesCelsius and EVI models up to -25 degreesCelsius.


In areas where the temperature does not drop too much there is no need to install EVI models giventhat above 0 pointsCelsius the efficiency factor in simple pumps is greater


For cooling needs, it is common for most models to deliver up to +43 degreesCelsius. 

Installing the heat pump is simple. Placed outdoors,except  of Geothermal, in the distanceabout 30-40 cm from walls. 


THEspecialized  technician installs it in a few hours. Interventions in the space are small or zero, 

The new modelsInverter they canconnect viawi-fion the smartphone and tothey take remote command.

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